Black No More

Black No More is a novel by George S. Schuyler which deals with the issue of race relations. The plot of the novel is as follows: a process that can transform black people into whites has been invented by an African American scientist. So, if the person is tired of unequal treatment, lower economic and social opportunities, or if you simply want to change your skin color, you can have it transformed easily. Despite the humorous effect that is created by the way these events are narrated, the issue is very serious. The thing is that the situation with the rights of African Americans is dreadful. Despite the law, a lot of people simply reject to acknowledge it. Thus, African Americans still continue to suffer from numerous mockeries, rejections to get proper services or medical care.

The main message of this novel may be interpreted in the following way: black people have to become white because of the life conditions they are surrounded by. White people are treated better. They have more opportunities. They get better medical care. The society actually cares about them. African Americans do not have that. They have to deal with what they’ve got which isn’t much. As you can see, the social status of African Americans is not satisfying at all.
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