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I did not know what a good essay until that time when I met an essay writers company. It does not mean that I never wrote essays but what I mean is that I never knew the qualities of a good essay. Many essay writers are talented people who can be able to pass any specific information to a person or a group of persons without being misinterpreted. I highly believe that a good essay is that which can be well understood to the intended audience but not the essay writers only. It is not good to assume that an essay will relay the meaning that you have in mind without putting more efforts to pass the message that you have in your mind in the simplest and the best way possible. Not all essay writers are able to communicate well and this is why I say that essay writers have a degree of variability where some essay writers come up with high quality essays while other keep on trying without much success. Someone may ask; what makes some people good essay writers? The answer to this question is very simple. For one to become good essay writers, they need to practice and read widely. They must have the unrelenting quest to acquire information from books and world experiences. A good essay must address all the concerns that have arisen from recent developments. For instance, when a writer is working on an essay about terrorism, he/she must address historical events, those events that occurred in the recent past and those events that are taking place at the moment. From such analysis, the writer is able to predict about the future.

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