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If I were given two choices to make, to buy an essay or to write my paper, I would choose the former. From my experience, I know that any attempt to write my paper will spell a disaster if not doom in my academic life. I am not good when it comes to attempting to write my paper. Every time that I attempt, I end up failing and getting poor results. On the contrary, I always get good grades whenever I buy an essay. The reason as why I don’t fare so well when I attempt to write my paper is something that I may not explain at once. To buy an essay has just become a routine and to write my paper is like breaking societal mores. I now understand that the consequences are dire whenever I write my paper. In this kind of a situation, I have gained enough experience to differentiate between bogus essay writing companies and those that are genuine. I have therefore identified one main company from where I buy an essay when need arises. This company has never failed to write my paper according to the instructions that I provide. Before I buy an essay, I usually inform the company early in advance so that when the time comes to buy an essay, I can be able to get it at the right time. Those people who think that I buy an essay because I cannot write my paper to meet the set standards are very right. Despite this situation, I have nothing to care about as long as Brownie Freelance Limited is ever present whenever I require their essay writing services. When I buy an essay, I save time and learn a lot.

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