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According to the research that I conducted on companies that offer essay writing service, I only found one that I can write my essay well. I am a student pursuing an engineering degree and time to time, I am called upon To write my essay on certain engineering issues. In times when my schedule is extremely tight and when I have to beat the lecturers’ deadline, I don’t hesitate to hire essay writing service from such companies. I depend on essay writing service whenever I do not have morale to write my essay. I remember how hard it was when I was under pressure to write my essay that was supposed to contribute to 40% of my total grade and at the same time I wanted to watch a football match. I picked up my phone and made an arrangement with an essay writing service providers to provide me with their essay writing service. They agreed to write my essay but I was still unsure if the decision I made was good. Though my team lost the game, I live to tell how satisfied I was with the essay writing service that I received that time. The company that I hired to write my essay called me even before the game was over to inform me that my paper was ready. Since then, I do not write my essay. On the contrary, I hire essay writing service providers to do it on my behalf. I wonder why people keep on trying the impossible when some people are ready to provide their essay writing service at very little cost. I admit that I usually score very low marks any time that I write my essay.

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