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I have developed a certain mentality that if I write my essay or not, somebody will write my paper for me. Currently, I am planning to write my essay on plagiarism detection in institutions of higher learning. In order to write my paper, I need a custom writing company to prepare an outline that I will use to write my essay. I have severally managed to write my essay and I can actually recall the time when I managed to write my paper without any assistance and ended up scoring good marks. I know the challenges that I encountered when I was planning to write my essay. One of them was limited books that I could consult. To mitigate this problem, I hired a company that has so many writers who could marshal out their support and help me to write my essay in the shortest time possible. I realized that there were very many people who were willing to write my paper and that I could hire them to write my paper. Whenever I get adequate time to write my paper, I devote most of my time in carrying out research and this makes it very hard to write my essay. I believe that learning is better than presenting what I learn and this has motivated me not to write my essay. I always believe that any attempt to write my paper will consume most of my time as compared to when I have hired someone to write my paper. This is because I am a perfectionist and any error no matter how small it may be means a lot to me besides looking for long-lasting solutions.

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