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All essay writers companies market themselves as companies that offer essay help to students. The definition of what essay writers companies call high quality varies from one company to another. Some of the companies provide very good services while others don’t. Most of the genuine companies that provide essay help depend on essay writers for the maximization of their revenues. In such circumstances, both the essay writers as well as those who hire them for their essay help benefit from this relationship. As scholars seek essay help to further their education, essay writers take the opportunity to sell their essay help services in order to increase their material wealth. It does not matter how much one pays for essay help services, what matters is how the essay writers as well as the people who provide essay help benefit. I sincerely thank essay writers companies for their effort to ensure that all students learn how to write a good essay within a specified period of time. It is the duty of the essay writers company to use its resources available to drum up support its essay help services. Sometimes I think that the government should intervene to ensure that the quality of services that students get from these companies is as worth as the companies say. Since governments are always allowed to intervene and protect those people who buy products, it should always set rules and regulations that must govern the writing industry. Such rules and regulations would cushion students from possible financial exploitation. Those who violate such rules should be heavily fined and if possible, their licenses counseled to serve as a lesson to companies that offer substandard services to unsuspecting clients.

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