Research proposal sample

For one to start the dissertation writing process, there must be a good research proposal. Many people who mess up id the stage of drafting the research proposal end up frustrated because the dissertation writing process becomes even more complicated. dissertation writing flows very smoothly especially when the student makes extensive consultation before drafting the research proposal. There are many people who feel that writing a dissertation is as simple as any other paper. Though such people have wide experience in dissertation writing, they do not know everything about the process of dissertation writing. What motivates them is the willingness to learn and explore those areas where other people fear most and they understand very well that such areas include dissertation writing. A good research proposal should have a clear statement of the problem. When one wants to succeed in writing a dissertation, the problem statement bust clearly show the discrepancy between what the situation is supposed to be and what the situation is at the moment. A good research proposal for dissertation writing must also have objective from which the hypotheses are derived. These hypotheses are used in the dissertation writing process to test the relationship between variables that make up the hypotheses. In the research proposal, the researcher must also explain the sampling methods and procedures that he intends to use. It is very important to demonstrate that the rules of sample selection are followed in the research proposal before one goes ahead to collect the data. Every research proposal must include the expected outcomes that would then be compared to the actual outcomes after the data has been collected and analyzed.

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